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Free Index Funds, Frugality, and Financial Independence Books

Free books and videos (maybe long-form blogs) on index funds/index investing and financial independence / early retirement (FIRE). Also check out your public library's physical stack as well as their Overdrive/Libby e-subscription. Contributions welcome. Also some public libraries have Kanopy subscriptions, and there are a number of good Teaching Company lectures on investing, finance, and the stock market.

If all copies of the book you want to read are checked out on Archive.org, be sure to search for it anyway on Archive because they are always adding new scans and it's hard to keep an up-to-date catalog of every scan.

Start here:

Author Book/Video/Podcast
JL Collins Stock Series (published as "A Simple Path to Wealth")
Mr. Money Mustache Recommended posts: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6
Mr. Money Mustache Entire website (Beware of affiliate links)
PBS Frontline Regarding 401ks: max-out your 401k each year ($19500) in an Total Stock Market or S&P500 index fund (or 81% large-cap index/S&P500, 6% mid-cap index, and 13% small-cap index if you have those Vanguard fund options) plus maxing-out a Vanguard IRA ($6000) each year buying VTSAX. Put any extra savings into a post-tax Vanguard brokerage account, buying VTSAX.
NPR Secrets of Saving and Investing
NPR Planet Money - Brilliant vs Boring
John Bogle The little book of common sense investing
Bernstein, William If You Can - How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly
Jacob Fisker Early Retirement Extreme
Larimore, Taylor The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing
Robin, Vicki Your Money or Your Life (Audio) & v1 & v2 & v3 & v4
Stanley, Thomas The Millionaire Next Door (Audio) & (v1) & (v2) & (v3) & (v4)
Schneider, Jeremy Personal Finance Club (particularly the instagram account)
Felix, Ben Common Sense Investing (YouTube Channel)
Tyson, Eric Personal Finance For Dummies & v2 & v3 & Workbook
r/FinancialIndependence Non-free reading list


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Stock Market/Capitalism


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