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Undergraduate Math Curriculum

Free undergraduate math curriculum

Free mathematics curriculum aiming to replicate an undergraduate degree in math using Open Education Resources/OpenCourseWare/MOOCs.

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Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus III

Differential Equations

Formal Logic

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science


Discrete Mathematics

Linear Algebra

Numerical Analysis

Applied Statistics


Mathematical Statistics I

Abstract Algebra

Number Theory

Real Analysis I

Real Analysis II

Mathematical Logic

Applied Mathematics

Functional Analysis

Complex Systems

Complex Analysis

Category Systems


Math for Machine Learning

Math for Finance



Cheap Online Degrees

Level College Est. Price
Undergrad University of London - Data Science and Business Analytics ~$7-8,000, 3-6 years
Undergrad University of London - Mathematics and Economics ~$7-8,000, 3-6 years
Masters University of London - Graduate Mathematics ~$2000
Undergrad Open University - Mathematics & Statistics ~$22,000 over 3-11 years

This Z-Degree of open source educational resources is public domain. You can use it and remix is however you wish! You can also contribute your own discoveries to it by making a Pull Request on Github