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Free Z-Degrees Syllabi and Curricula

Find syllabi of classes with no textbook cost!

Z-Degrees are entire college curriculums in a subject that use free textbooks (OER), so that there are no costs to you other than tuition! By compiling z-degrees curriculum in many subjects, Holm School can archive z-degree syllabi without any cost of tuition! You might not get a degree, but you can 'Holm School' your way to a free college education!

Material for all subjects:

Z-Degree Subjects

[Anthropology] - Anthropology Z-Degree

[Art] - BFA (Digital Art) Curriculum

[Art History] - Art History Z-Degree

[Art History] - Lloyd Reynolds's Selected Bibliography for Art History

[Biology] - Biology Z-Degree

[Business] - Business Z-Degree

[Chemistry] - Chemistry Z-Degree

[Computer Science] - Computer Science Open Courseware (OCW) that uses Open Educational Resources (OER)

[Computer Science] - Holm School Computer Science Curriculum

[Computer Science] - K-12 Computer Science Curriculum

[Economics] - Economics Z-Degree

[Education] - Education Z-Degree

[Engineering] - Engineering Z-Degree

[English] - English Z-Degree

[Foreign Language (English)] - Free Books on Tape

[History] - History Syllabus

[Humanities] - Hum110 Syllabus

[Humanities] - Hum210/Hum211/Hum212 Syllabus

[Humanities] - Hum220 Syllabus

[Math] - Undergraduate Math Curriculum

[Personal Finance] - Free Index Funds, Frugality, and Financial Independence Books

[Physics] - Physics Z-Degree

[PoliSci] - Political Science Z-Degree

[Psychology] - Psychology Z-Degree

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Anti-Bitcoin Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Anti-Postmodernism Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Bike, Ebike, Escooter Manuals

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Digital Minimalism Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Mental Illness Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Open Source Licensing Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Straight Edge Books

[S.A.L.V.D 96D7AF] - Vegan Books

[Science] - Free Science Textbooks and Curricula Around the Web

[Sociology] - Sociology Z-Degree

[Test Prep] - Free SAT, ACT, PSAT Test Prep

All these curricula are open source, so please visit our github page to contribute to the markdown for each subject! The location of the syllabi directory is /src/pages/syllabi/, where you can find the markown files to edit in your fork. If you need a guide to using Github, I recommend shiffman's Git and Github for Poets.

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